CTB Wireless is the leading distributor of SmoothTalker products. SmoothTalker is a North American cellular signal booster and Bluetooth hands free car kit manufacturer. In 2001, SmoothTalker designed the first digital mobile amplifier in North America to receive FCC and Industry Canada approval. Stealthtech, the proprietary technology of SmoothTalker, makes the booster invisible to the cellular tower while boosting the phone signal to the tower and the tower signal to the phone. The strongest cellular signal booster allowed by the FCC in the United States is 72 dB gain. SmoothTalker 6 band 4G LTE cellular signal boosters that cover 700 800 1700 1900 2100 2500 mHz will be released shortly. Cellular signal boosters are available for in building, vehicle, vessel and home. There are also options for oil well doghouses.

Mobile / In Vehicle Cellular Signal Boosters: Stay connected while traveling in remote locations and low signal terrain with performance you can rely on for clear voice, reduced dropped calls and faster data speeds.

Home / Building Cellular Signal Boosters: Create a connected cellular coverage zone in your home or building.

SmoothTalker Stealth M2M Machine to Machine Direct Connect Boosters: Increases cellular modem data speed. Directly connected to data devices to ensure signal reliability and increase data speeds in poor signal environments.

Advantages of the SmoothTalker Cellular Signal Boosters:

Greater output power to make calls and make sure calls go through.
Greater sensitivity to pick up a weak signal, provided there is at least some signal.
Made of durable aircraft all aluminum construction, not plastic.
100% North American made.